LinkedIn for Students

An overview of what LinkedIn can do for your students.


Resources to let students know the benefits of a LinkedIn profile and presence, and to help them get started

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    Get Hired Video Series: Episode 1

  • The Student Job Hunting Handbook: Chapter 1

  • The Student Job Hunting Handbook: Chapter 2

  • The Student Job Hunting Handbook: Chapter 3

  • Build your professional brand

  • Profile Checklist: College Students

  • Building a Student Profile

  • Finding a Job or Internship

  • Networking on LinkedIn

  • Tailoring Your Profile to Your Goals

  • Communicating on LinkedIn

  • Building Your Personal Professional Brand

  • Profile Checklist: High School Students

Customer testimonials

  • "One of the most rewarding parts of using LinkedIn is stumbling across other people's hidden gems of skills and experiences, and seeing a more holistic picture of who they are as individuals."
    Iberia Zafira's Picture Iberia Zafira Stanford University 2013 (B.S. in Earth Systems)
  • “We’ve been adding up to 100 new members a week to our Syracuse University Alumni Network Group as word spreads about what a valuable tool it is.”
    Kim Brown's Picture Kim Brown Syracuse University Career Services Alumni Programs